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Adoptive Services

Wheek Care takes in guinea pigs of all shapes, sizes, colors, temperaments, and health conditions. When a pig has been determined to be healthy and behaviorally appropriate for adoption - the guinea pig(s) will be added to our adoption database. On this page you will find a sampling of our adoptable pigs along with information on how to contact us for initiating adoption conversations. Please take the time to read the documents below as they will provide you with up-to-date care information.

If you're ready-

If you've done research and thought long and hard about the long-term commitment to adopting a guinea pig(s) we'd love to have you complete an adoption application to start the process of the adoption. Of course we are always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Below is the PDF adoption application for you to complete, as well as our caging requirements for adopters.

Wheek care is currently under limited operation during social distancing recommendations. We are open to adoptions and surrenders, however there may be a waitlist. Contact us at for details.

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