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Rainbow Bridge Tributes

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” – Saint Francis of Assisi    

In memory of all those that have passed away while with us in rescue. 

Beloved friends of the rescue -

Mary Ann Woods 
Devoted mother of Lisa Woods 

Ed (Rob) Robinson 
Loving husband to Julene Robinson 

Keith Augello 
Loving husband of Gayl Augello & doting father to many precious guinea pigs

Michael & Robert Connelly
Sorely missed uncles to Mark McClure 

Sean Woods 

Our pets-

Want to add a pet or human? Email for more information!

Molly & Hershey, Victoria
​Gia, Chubb, Jetson, Violet
Mark McClure 

Thelma, Princess & Pumpkin 
Peanut & Sydney & Buckeye
Becky Maske 

Sonya & Lydia 
Emily & Jason Vertullo

Susie & Tiny 
​Matt & Maura Waggett

Marnie, Teagan, Agnes, Sassafrass, Wendell 
Ronan Michele, Raven, many other pigs and hamsters, dogs and cats 
Lisa Woods 

Phyllis Burton 

Bandit, Peanut & Patches 
Dennis Family 

Patty Garrett

Dennis Family 

Addison Patrick, and Family

Bernie, AJ, & Bear 
Love always, the Barry's

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