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About Surrendering


How to Surrender

The rescue is observing self isolating guidelines to keep volunteers and animals safe. However, we are open for limited adoptions and surrenders.  If you have a genuine emergency that means you can't keep your guinea pigs safe, such as a family illness or eviction, please contact us. Understand that there could be a waiting list. Contact us at for details. 

Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue knows how hard it is to make the decision to give up your beloved guinea pig(s). We want you to know that surrendering your pets will be done in a judgement free, confidential manner. Also know that your guinea pig(s) will be medically evaluated after surrender and before being placed for adoption in a pre-approved loving, forever home.  

We will do everything possible to take in your pig(s) as soon as possible but this may mean that some surrenders may be asked to wait a few weeks until we can make room to accommodate them. Be sure to note that one location may not be able to accommodate your surrender request, while another may be able to. 


The first step to surrendering your guinea pig(s) is to email us.

We will then ask you to fill out a surrender form which you can send through email, or give to us at the arranged time of drop off. Currently our wait list is about two weeks for surrender. 

We are a Pittsburgh based rescue and accept only limited surrenders from out of state. 

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